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Upgrading Your RV’s Entertainment Center

Upgrading Your RV’s Entertainment Center

It used to be that entertainment in your RV was limited to a 13 inch television set on a shelf somewhere, a deck of playing cards, and maybe a stereo system with a few extra speakers you installed yourself. Happily, those days are long gone as you can now equip your mobile home with everything from surround sound to a high end gaming center to a 42 inch big screen. Many RV’s now include a pop-out living room ripe with the latest electronics money can buy. Some are taking the entire back wall of the coach and transforming it into an entertainment area fit for any den or family room not on wheels. With all the latest improvements in mobile entertainment choices, you can take all the comforts of your home’s media room with you wherever you may roam.

Televisions sets

If you’re buying a newer RV, check with the dealer to see what size, type and quality set comes standard with it. You may be surprised to learn that buying a model without a television and installing one you purchase separately is actually more cost-efficient. If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your RV’s existing television set, consider going flat-screen. Flat-screens offer more viewing space, as well as take up less space overall than standard models. Many weight less than the same size standard set, too. And forget about the dinky 13 inch screen, too. Most RV owners opt for 24 to 27 inchers now, and most models included in new RV’s are in this range. You may want to consider the newer “flip down” LCD models, too, for tight spaces that wouldn’t ordinarily allow for a standard set. Adding a flip-style set to the end of a bunk, or on the bulkhead behind the driver allows for viewing pleasure without sacrificing space. As the unit can be folded back into its place when not in use, these are ideal for tight spaces. If you are going to be off in the boondocks a great deal, but don’t want to miss any of the latest sports action or pay-per-view flicks, consider a 12-volt television set for at least one of your models. They, too, come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, to fit your desires and your budgets. Unless you always travel alone, don’t forget about a second set, too, for the bedroom or bunk area.

VCR and DVD units

Having a VCR and/or DVD unit can allow you to enjoy the camcorder footage of the day’s latest events, pop in an exercise video so your traveling doesn’t interfere with your figure, or entertain the kids for an hour and a half on a rainy afternoon. Some options include a TV/VCR combo, preferably with 12 volt capability, to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Some DVD players and VCRs are now specially made just for RVs, being compact, lightweight and 12 volt ready. And with the advent of 12 volt Blu-Ray players, you can have the latest in high-definition entertainment even if you are on just the other side of nowhere

Satellite systems

With the changes in television broadcasting from analog to digital, your old analog set won’t work without a dish to beam down the signal. In-motion satellite systems can acquire a signal while you drive down the road, so the family in back doesn’t have to miss a moment of their favorite program just because you’re in-between campsites. You’ll want one that is compatible with the popular satellite networks like DISH or DirectTV. Make sure, too, that your system is capable of using a standard satellite receiver, so you won’t have to bother with the expense of a special receiver. Another option is the KingDome system. A smaller profile allows for more clearance, and safety. Compatible with both DISH and DirectTV and HDTV ready, the KingDome is the most advanced satellite system available for RV’ers today. Whatever satellite system you choose, you’ll want to opt for the multi-channel receiver if you have more than one set, to accommodate those who may not want to watch the same programming as you.

Music and Sound

Compact wall-mounted stereo systems are now available, freeing up valuable shelf and cabinet space in your RV. They typically include a multi-CD changer and an AM/FM radio unit. Round stereo speakers that mount flush with the ceiling mean that you can create a surround sound system in your RV to rival many a home theater. Hook them up to your DVD, TV and gaming systems to add some extra boom for your buck.

Before you upgrade to any new entertainment equipment, always remember to check the measurements of your available space, as well as outlet placements. Be sure that the equipment you buy meets all your specifications – 12 volt capable, HD compatible, etc. – as well as your price budget. If you aren’t that confident about your installation abilities, pay a little extra and have your RV guys do it for you. Use your head and choose wisely and you can create the rolling entertainment center of your dreams.